Hiking and exploring the countryside

7.30am: Enjoy an early sunrise breakfast on our rooftop terrace restaurant.


Vehicle transport from Princes Hotel heading for Tran Chau. Enjoy a scenic tour of the island before embarking on our trek.

 Along our trek, we will travel down an old route passing through many rice and fruit fields, a pine forest aswell as visit a small, remote village named Lien Minh.

Enjoy beautiful landscapes, breathaking mountain views and pristine blue lakes.


We will continue our trek onwards through the hill of Goi Valley. stopping at a small village home to elarn about the self sustained lifestyle.

We will also have the chance to visit some of the many fruit fields, honey-bee farms and bathe in the natural fresh water streams. along the stream and through a rice field we will find our vehicle escort.

11.30 :

 Return to your hostel